Vasectomies Are Not “Easily Reversible”

March 21, 2022

Perhaps I’m naive in this assumption, but I always thought vasectomies were not really a big deal.

I always heard calls to ‘normalise’ them and that they were ’99% reversible’ – the kind of thing you’d do after work, or get done alongside your morning coffee run.

But vasectomies are not contraceptives in the same way as IUDs, condoms or the pill, which can be removed or stopped, with reproductivity returned.

A vasectomy is considered sterilisation.

And although, as we are frequently told, ‘almost all vasectomies can be reversed’, this does not necessarily mean the ability to conceive children can be reversed.

In fact, at least one in four men who get one, will be unable to have a child – even if reversed.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, in fact it could be a great one – but only if you’re sure you don’t want children and will never change your mind.

As men we don’t have many viable options for reproductive control, we have sterilisation, or condoms - a technology that’s been around since the 1800’s.

So should there be more options out there, and should the ones we have be treated the same at those for women?


Images by Jc Gelidon, @thebirdspapaya and Reproductive Health Supplies

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