Absolutism Kills Progress

March 20, 2022

Is there nothing the patriarchy doesn’t fuck up? It’s hurting women, it’s hurting men, it’s putting men in power, it’s turfing them out onto the streets.

If a man does something bad, its ya boy enacting the patriarchy. If a woman does something bad, boom, patriarchy made her do it.

Point to a male CEO – that’s an easy one – you’re pointing to patriarchy. Point to a homeless man, and you’re still pointing to patriarchy, somehow.

So the broken record repeats, and repeats, and repeats. Domestic abuse? Patriarchy. Sexual violence? Patriarchy Suicide? Patriarchy. Fathers without rights? Patriarchy.

Such absolute, indisputable and monocausal thinking, is not scientific – in fact, it’s symptomatic of a religious cult.

And yet it’s found its way into legislation, domestic violence strategies, political discourse, and even the APA’s psychotherapy guidelines for men and boys.

The US has four tax funded departments for women’s health, and none for men.

Even when I pointed this out, I had comments calling this ‘patriarchy’ too.

So now, a political structure that advantages women – is a patriarchy? Get outta here.

Such a concept is so vague and meaningless, it is both everywhere and no where.

And so the feminist movement, like an angry gorilla trying to fight mist, smashes nothing.

Meanwhile the highly technical worlds of economics, anthropology, psychology, human biology, and the precise scientific tools that come with them, are ignored.

We can’t reach for them to understand domestic abuse, the pay gap, or sexual violence. We darn’t because we’re scared, intimidated and cowed into subservience.

So toe the line, don’t ask questions and follow the approved script.

Sounds awfully familiar.

Images by Mackenzie Marco, Giorgio Trovato, Jon Tyson, Laila Gebhard, Nazar Strutynsky, Philipp Lansing and Sigmund V from Unsplash.

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