The Patriarchy Problem

July 2, 2022

At a fundamental level, for a patriarchy to exist, men will have to value other men, above women.

We know the story by now.

Laws, policies, jobs, departments, societal structures and social strategies, are designed for the advancement of men – aka male privilege.

But whilst it’s undeniable that the laws are written by men (mostly), this in no way means that the laws are written *for* men.

Because they aren’t.

I’ve never heard of the Office for Mens Health, or seen the Minister for Men.

I must have missed the Violence Against Men Act, or lost the Biden Agenda For Men.

I for one am looking forward to @UNWomen (and the dozens of other handles the UN has for women) making their first account for men, so too I’m excited to see the Department of Labor launch their Men’s Bureau too.

I mean, have you *ever* seen a political leader advocate for men’s issues, or call themselves a men’s advocate?

It’s certainly a strange kind of patriarchy.

I joke, but beneath this is an obvious truth, for which there is lots of scientific evidence: as a group, men don’t actually value other men above women.

And even more uncomfortable, this in-group bias is far more pronounced in women.

So let’s take a look..


Study, In Group Bias:
Fake Gendered Articles
APA In Group Bias
Hiring Bias

Images by Natalie Hua, Diana Light, Monika Kozub, from Unsplash.
Illustrations by Kareemov 1000 from the Noun Project


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