Should I Be A Feminist?

March 23, 2022

I care just as much about women’s issues as any feminist.

I have women in my life that matter to me too. I listen to the stories they tell me, and I try to fill in the blanks with the things I don’t know about them.

So often I look around, and we all seem to want the same thing. I want to reach the same snowy summit, along the same slippery slope as you do.

I’ve just chosen a different route, is all.

Some routes leave people behind, others go round in circles. My path isn’t the one I started on, and it will likely change again.

But one thing is clear.

Feminism has no monopoly on gender equality. There is no Jeff Bezos here.

All voices are equal, and all ideas deserving of space. So what path are you on and what label do you use?


Source – YouGov Poll

Image by Christopher Burns


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