Please Don’t Go, I Need You

January 25, 2022

Please send this to those who need to see it. Suicide continues to claim hundreds of thousands every year, and devastates the lives of countless millions more.

Although heavily affecting men, nobody is immune to it. So please remember – you, me and everyone else, matter.

You are important. More important, to more people, in more ways than we ever knew.

Until recently we thought just six people were impacted by a single suicide, but new research has shown the true number is far, far higher.

We don’t, and can’t, ever know what our life means, in what ways, and to who.

The role model to a friend, or teacher to a child. You are the hero to a housemate, the coffee to a colleague, the morning smile to a postal worker, and the apple of the eye of a stranger.

The ripples of our lives and actions, emanate and echo out further than we know, and perhaps more than you allow yourself to believe.

So here’s a study to remind you of my favourite thing - the objective truth.

So who are your 135?

Images: m-t-elgassier from Unsplash



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