Male Suicide Is Not Caused By ‘Toxic Masculinity’

January 14, 2022

One of the stickiest, and stupidest theories I see around the discussion of male suicide, is that it’s down to ‘toxic masculinity’.

Such a term is fantastically generic and clinically meaningless; whilst still retaining potency in how it blindly offends and insults men and boys, as well as the intelligence of those listening to those using it.

From what I understand, it suggests men die by suicide more often, because they don’t ask for help, or that they don’t attempt more, they just use more violent methods, such as guns.

Well is it true? Well not really. Catch phrases and hashtags rarely are.

Not when you read data that says more than 9 in 10 middle aged men who died by suicide had sort help, at least once, from either primary care providers, mental health services or emergency departments.

Even sadder still, more than one in three had even sort help the week prior to their suicide.

And yet I hear again, ‘men don’t seek help’.

Well it’s not true – they probably just don’t seek help from those who say that, because they’re, well, an asshole.

Nor does it make sense to suggest men’s increased suicide rate is due to more violent means.

Because yes, it’s true that men die more often by violent methods of suicide, but these people leave out the fact that men die more often not just by violent methods, but by *all methods* (apart from drowning).

The simple fact that men die by suicide more often than women in *every country* on the planet, including ones with strict gun laws, disproves this theory too.

These pernicious, half baked and easily debunkable theories are the useless fantasies of dogmatic instagram idiots, bigots, and self aggrandised pseudoscientists – designed to wave away and minimise the problem of male suicide.

An epidemic that is the biggest threat to a young man’s life right now.

And if one can minimise the problem, whilst simultaneously blaming suicidal men for their own suffering, then you’ll win double points for being a total asshole.

So don’t be an asshole.

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