Men In Dresses

February 23, 2022

There’s more to the issues faced by men and boys, than not being able to wear a dress.

And masculinity is infinitely more complex and deeper than any outfit, or item of clothing – and a dress worn, or not, neither adds nor takes away from it.

Yet, I see so much of the conversation around the male experience, being reduced down to these seemingly trivial dress-based thought experiments.

And honestly, I don’t care about dresses. Sorry.

Yes, Harry looks great in a dress, but unless beneath it he’s hiding a few thousand refuge beds for the erased male victims of abuse, then it’s not really important to me.

Unless Harry’s dress will help our boys in school, or win fathers back parental rights, or improve the health, happiness and life expectancy of men worldwide, or find solutions to the epidemic of male suicide, then I don’t really care.

Give the cover of Vogue to the fathers losing kids in corrupt family courts, the forgotten veterans dying by suicide, or the men left in the cold.

Put those dying to addiction and homelessness in dresses, if it means we’ll care more about them.

So am I missing something?

Why is male-dress-wearing placed at the top of the agenda?

What do you think?

Images – henry-co, andrej-lisakov, jackson-david, mariabeatrice-alonz, julissa-santana and pawel-czerwinski from Unsplash


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