I Am Not Enough…

February 17, 2022

Like all things, be it your diet, or your home movie library – we need variety.

It’s the spice of life.

Yes we want the classics in our DVD collection, and the undiscovered gems too.

But also the so-bad-it’s-good RomComs, the childhood throwbacks, the foreign masterpieces, and yes, even Michael Bay.

This is true for political ideas too; as in life we need a diverse set of perspectives and tools, if we are to open and understand the many challenges we will likely encounter.

Nothing worth having all comes from one place.

So it’s good to mix it up a little and follow a variety of accounts – even the lowly tin man had his lion, scarecrow, Dorothy and yes, the Wicked Witch herself.

You can also follow accounts you don’t agree with, or don’t understand, or which make you uncomfortable too.

And that’s okay.

So who else do you follow? Please share your favourite accounts below <3

Images by tyler-lastovich and ryoji-iwata from Unsplash


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