Don’t Be An Iron Bar

February 18, 2022

Oscar Wilde once said: “The ability to play gracefully with ideas – I think that’s disappearing from our culture. I think that’s terrible.”

Wilde died over 120 years ago, I wonder what he’d say today?

2022, where the mere mention of the wrong book, documentary or academic literature can lead to social obliteration.

Where cowardly shadow lurkers police our ideas, report our content, and smear us with words like ‘misogynist’, ‘incel’, or ‘woman hater’.

What sort of space does such fragility and narcasiswm make for productive conversation?

What are the rigid iron bars of conversation that are restricting truth from emerging, and progress from being made?

And who is smelting them?

What are the ideas you’re too afraid to talk about, questions you’re too apprehensive to ask, or content you’re nervous to share?

And how can a person change their opinions when they literally have the t shirt?

Or pin the badge on their chest?

How can one change their political ideas – when its part of who they are? And the glue that holds a community together?

Homeless Deaths
Work Place Deaths
Police Killings
Homicide Victims
US Suicides
Iraqi war deaths: congressional Research Service,


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