Young Love & Teenage Violence

March 24, 2022

Nobody is immune to violence; not adults, not children and certainly not boys.

Yet when I hear our politicians talk about dating violence in school – is only ever points in one direction.

It’s boys who are ‘the problem.’

And yes, they are – but so are girls.

Girls also need to be taught that violence is the solution to precisely nothing, and their aggression can be equally damaging.

Likewise, our boys should be protected too, their stories heard and taken seriously.

Yet violence against boys, when perpetrated by girls, is routinely normalised; waved off as just a slap, a pinch, a scratch or kick in the balls.

But it is no less hurtful.

So the feminist intervention programmes and organisations that ‘tackle violence in the classroom’, target boys, not girls.

And often follow the same dogmatic guff as our domestic violence industry – that the cause of all partner violence, even in school, is Patriarchy Jr.

So today I’d like to ask 👉 what were your experiences of dating violence in school?

Does this line up with what we’re told?

What happened to you – who perpetrated it, and was it taken seriously?



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Images by Yeye Yeye, Joshua Hoehne, Chuttersnap, Kinga Cichewicz and Jeswin Thomas from Unsplash


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