The End Of Men

July 28, 2021

The world of work is changing.

A new hyperconnected, super fast and automated industry of the future rolls over the horizon.

There’s no going back now, or slowing down, the future is almost here.

But it’s not a world for all of us. Many won’t keep up, or hold on for much longer, some already can’t.

And the these human hands of hard work, soon surplus to requirement, well what do they do next?

Because aside from being a wondrous world of innovation and convenience, it could also be one of mass unemployment, obsolescence and immeasurable pain.

Yes. We love to talk about Artificial Intelligence destroying the world: those cold immortal machines of Hollywood, rolling over broken cities, dead red eyes sunken in and laser guns held aloft – what an exciting image.

But if doom awaits, it won’t play out like that.

That timeline is one of financial inequality, working class annihilation and jobs that ‘won’t be back’.

So what do we do to help?

Do we retool and retrain, or is it time to finally look into universal basic income?

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Images by alisa-reutova, amir-arabshahi, caleb-ruiter, claudio-schwarz, gleisson-joaquim, mikita-yo, national-cancer-institute, rendy-novantino, jonas-jacobsson, nathan-dumlao, noita-digital, roel-dierckens, ruben-rodriguez of Unsplash

Illustration by Lars Neiertoberens of the Noun Project.


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