Slava Ukraini

February 27, 2022

The last days have shown the world shocking violence by the monstrous, megalomaniacal and deranged despot, Vladimir Putin.

We’ve seen things that I never thought possible.

The burnt out irons shells of tanks, littering Ukrainian roadsides. Civilians laying down in front of Russian convoys. Fathers saying goodbye to families at train stations.

And we’ve seen people with no training take up arms and lose their lives to protect their homes, families and loved ones.

We’ve seen real Ukrainian bravery, resistance and leadership – unlike anything ever before.

Leadership that will go down in history for centuries – leadership that our own Government can only dream of.

Whether is Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, fighting alongside his soldiers on the front lines, Russian warships demanding surrender and being told to “go fuck yourself”, or the no nonsense talk of Ukraine’s UN representatives as they stand up to Russian aggressors.

We’ve all witnessed history being made.

So here are just a few moments of heroism and bravery that will no doubt be immortalised for all time.

What’s been your experience of the Russian invasion into Ukraine?

Images by Eugene, Maksym Kurchev and Frederic Koberi from Unsplash


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