No Boys Allowed

November 17, 2021

Four years ago I was denied housing simply because I was a man – for the ‘safety and comfortability’ of the landlady.

At the time I didn’t care much, I don’t want to live in a house that views me as dangerous simply because of my gender.

But it did provoke my curiosity into whether other men had similar experiences to me, and how they might intersect and be compounded by race and sexuality.

So as the door to that house closed, another opened - one of diligent research, fascination and discovery.

It was an open door to this journey right here, that you’ve all joined me on. To better understand how the world perceives men through political, social, philosophical and cultural lenses.

So how did you arrive here?
And how are you finding the journey?


Image by Tanner Marquis of Unsplash
Illustrations by Silvio Ogog of the Noun Project


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