Men, Why Don’t We Talk About Our Sex Lives In Detail?

April 27, 2022

Considering men are seen as sex obsessed animals, I always found it curious how so few talk about the women they’ve slept with.

And when asked, responses are so often in recognition and respect for womens privacy.

Yet I know many of my sexual partners have shared these intimate moments with their friends.

And honestly I find it weird.

The knowing looks, or nods of approval, is not something I understand or enjoy.

I once took criticism on my performance, from a mutual friend on behalf of the woman I slept with.

I’ve also been patted on the back and been told ‘good job’, by others - and it’s fucking WEIRD.

I’ve never heard my friends discuss the shape or appearance of their partners vulva, yet I know this information about my body has been talked about at length.

And as much as I agree there should be a healthy dialogue about sex, especially between men, I find sharing this information to be crossing a line.

So is this a social norm where women need to catch up to men?

What do you think?

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