Men Are Not The Enemy

April 24, 2022

Yes. Patriarchy, as a theory, is inherently anti male.

It’s unacceptable. Divisive. And plain wrong.

“Oh we don’t blame men! We just name everything bad after them!”

This is what happens when unqualified and bigoted malefactors get a hold of the political steering wheel.

When critical thinking is abandoned in favour of circular reasoning and recreational victimhood, with discourse guided by people who the rest of us are too afraid to call out, or confront.

And our men and boys pay the price - as they are not the enemy (and neither are women).

So ask yourself - who are the oppressive, tyrannical patriarchs in your life?

And can anyone ever feel truly empowered or autonomous, within such an absolutist and alarmist narrative?

Images by Christopher Burns, Toa Heftier, Adam Wilson, Joseph Gonzalez, Hannah Busing and Aaron Andrew from Unsplash.


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