It Hurts Boys Too

April 25, 2022

Every suicide or attempt, is unique. All pain is personal, and shaped by individual experiences.

There are no hashtags, catch phrases or easy answers here - only the arrogant and entitled who pretend there are.

#toxicmasculinity, which is often suggested as shaping male suicide, makes no effort to understand the detailed idiosyncrasies of individual trauma.

It invalidates those dealing with pain.

It closes the door on the father losing custody, the broken breadwinner, forgotten teen, or bullied child who walks home alone.

It suggests the problem isn’t ‘out there’ in society, but simply in men’s heads .

This post makes an attempt to better understand just one, of countless many, causes of male suicide.

Studying the impact that experiences of sexual assault have on suicide rates of teenage boys, who all too often remain forgotten from compassion and excluded from support.




Images by Road Trip with Raj, Ali Jouyandeh and Stefano Pollio from Unsplash


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