Educate Your Sons

February 16, 2022

There’s no simpler way to put it, boys are being failed by our education system.

For decades they’ve quietly slipped behind.

At all stages, and all age groups; whether in early years, in primary school, SATs, GCSE, A-levels, or university admissions, girls and young women march further and further ahead.

And it’s growing -

The A-level gender gap has doubled in 10 years, the degree gender gap doubled in just 8.

Campaigners are saying that in the next decade, the gap between rich and poor will be ‘eclipsed’ by the gap between males and females.

You know it’s bad when the former CEO of the very organisation that is in charge of university admissions (UCAS), is herself accusing policy makers of ‘deafening silence’, and pointing to ‘systemic sexism’ against boys in schools.

Mary Curnock-Cook, IS the authority on educational attainment, and she’s ignored too.

And it’s not just in the UK, we can go further abroad –

2.5 million *more* American women enrol in American universities each year, than men.

Two and a half MILLION.

In fact, in every developed country, with only a few exceptions, boys are behind girls.

And who cares? Nobody.

We just throw around juvenile and ignorant catchphrases like ‘privileged gender’, totally uneducated *ourselves*.

Whilst has there been any meaningful action, or any mention at all, from the feminist movement about boys in school?

No, there has not.

The so called gender equality movement remains obsessed with continuing advocacy for the privileged gender (girls), and educating the boys only on not becoming rapists.

So, has feminism failed our boys in school?


Boys behind for 30 years
Boys behind everywhere
Teachers give higher marks to girls
Currnock Cook, UCAS CEO

Images by soragrit-wongsa, tadeusz-lakota, feliphe-schiarolli and ryan-tauss from Unsplash


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