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February 17, 2022

If you want to see shallow and undeveloped characters, then look no further than how we see male criminality.

If you want to see dehumanisation of social issues, go visit the many pages of instagram, that chalk the troubles, suffering and pain of men, to “he-did-it-to-himself” patriarchy.

Witness how we see and discuss men, as beasts, vermin, sharks or snakes; stand well back, cross the road, duck and cover – read the words, and feel the malaise of anti male apathy wash over you.

Women’s criminality is shaped by her childhood, her experiences in school, her living conditions, poverty, joblessness, desperation, mental illness, trauma, and a myriad of very real, very useful insights into who she is.

Mens criminality? Well it’s a four letter word, starting with M and ending with E, and our understanding shall go no further.

And so nothing will change for that violent man, and who gets hurt as a result? All of us.

So can we do better?

Images by
Jean Guy Nakars, Alan Labisch, Max van den Oetelaar and Gabriel Barletta from Unsplash.


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