Believe Who?

May 19, 2022

To #believewomen is to automatically believe in many other things.

It is to believe women are infallible, always right, never badly intended or prone to error, and that their word is final.

It is to believe those who they accuse are always guilty, regardless of evidence, or the lack of it.

It is to believe in the complete circumvention of due process and our judicial system – and that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

It is to believe women’s words are not subject to this system, and are therefore above the law.

So should we really believe people by virtue of their gender alone?

And if so, what happens if an accusation is made by a women against another women, how do we believe both of them?

Or what if the accused has mountains of evidence at their disposal that contradicts the words of women?

What do we do then?

So what do you believe, and why?



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