A Peace Deal From Me

March 13, 2022

If you sit down with those on ‘the other side’, you often find you have more in common than you think.

Sometimes you have a shared goal, but different methods. Or the same problem, but different ways of describing it.

Maybe the destination is the same, but the journeys are different?

This happens a lot within sexism, with the experiences of men and women, usually being different sides to the same fucked up, antiquated coin.

We’re not so different, and we’re certainly equal in conviction and passion.

So when I get asked ‘what do you want?’
What needs to change for us to all *work together*, the answer is surprisingly easy.

I want simple changes to certain words, and a greater understanding of tone of voice - to make the same ideas truly inclusive, less divisive and more tangible.

So what about this word…. Patriarchy.

Does it make sense? Are there better words?

And what needs to change for you?


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