Women Are Wonderful

October 6, 2021

The narrative we are often told is that the world hates women, and that society is deeply misogynistic.

It makes for a cool t shirt, and will win you lots of retweets and social currency – but sadly, wealths of psychological and sociological literature runs counter to this.

So much so that there’s literally a cognitive bias called the “women are wonderful” effect, that suggests we see women as inherently good, as innocent, innocuous, virtuous and saintly beings, who can do no wrong and are perfectly splendid.

And if they do, do wrong – autonomy is further removed – as they didn’t mean it, they had no choice, and it’s not their fault.

A double whammy of sexism that restricts women’s autonomy, and places the halo of benevolent infantilising sexism atop their head.

But I think women actually *are* wonderful, and guess what, men are equally wonderful too and so is everyone else.

Including you. 💫

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Images by kamila-maciejewska, christian-holzinger and aiony-haust from Unsplash


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