Who Is “Men”?

March 4, 2022

The problem with blaming all the world’s problems, on an entire group of people – is that nobody knows who the hell you’re talking about.

Using blanket assertions of male privilege and patriarchy, to cure the world of exceedingly complex problems, is very much like trying to fix a broken watch with a sledge hammer.

It doesn’t work. People get hurt. And honestly, you look kinda silly doing it.

Especially where there is no reason to use such a blunt tool – aside from, well, stubbornness?

Because now we have so many better perspectives. Finer, more detailed, more articulate ideas, more nuanced lenses to view things, more subtle ways of dissecting problems.

So let’s use them.

Let’s change “men” from being a synonym for “piece of shit” and start to see people as individuals, with personal stories, unique experiences and original ideas.

And to those who can’t do such a thing, then we must point them out for who they are, loudly and unashamedly.

So just put down the mallet, and pick up the microscope.

And tell me, who are men to you?


Images by ludovic-migneault, ben-hershey, jan-dommerholt, michiel-annaert and rayul from Unsplash



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