Who Cares Wins

June 14, 2022

The world’s biggest companies will always find new ways of making money.

For the last century it was through extracting the world’s resources and exploiting human beings. The results of which are all around us – a world deprived of its natural beauty and richness.

But as the mines are cleared and oil wells run dry, a new resource has appeared that could be even more lucrative and more precious – that is, social justice and morality.

For these brands; to be seen fighting racism, promoting gender equality and smashing the so called patriarchy is great business.

So now the biggest brands clambour over the latest social outrage, beating their chests for the little guy and crossing swords with whichever supervillain pays the most.

But do these multinationals really care about these causes, and have they ever?

Are these glossy brands the guardians of goodness and icons moral leadership that we were looking for?

And what happens when they, as they always do, dig too far?

Images by Mike Marrah, Nariman Mosharrafa, Guillaume Issaly and Justus Menke from Unsplash.


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