Who Cares About Child Grooms?

January 7, 2022

The issue of child brides remains a hugely important and prevalent issue within many parts of the world, with concerted efforts rightly used to draw attention to the problem and help find a solution.

But what so few people are able to do, is to look across the aisle, and see that opposite her is often another child – a young boy, who is just as vulnerable as she is.

Across the world 115,000,000 men and boys were married as children – and yet, have you ever heard the words “child” and “groom” put together?

These are not small numbers, and we often say “we need feminism, because hundreds of millions of girls are married as children globally”, but where is the group, the voice, the awareness campaigns and funding to help our boys?

Have they been failed, yet again?

Here are the results of UNICEFs first ever in-depth analysis into child grooms, across 82 countries to give us a fuller insight into the problem.

Source – https://tinyurl.com/3pjp8nsj


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