Where They Burn Books, They Will Ultimately Burn People

January 16, 2022

People who partake in cancellations are often their own worst enemy.

As human beings we respond badly to – ‘don’t look’, ‘don’t read’, ‘don’t listen’, ‘don’t watch.’

Because we’re annoying, stubborn and curious creatures, and we don’t like to be told what to do.

I mean, if the Chinese Communist Party hadn’t tried to suppress the Tiananmen Square tragedy, it would never have become the iconic moment etched into our memories that it is now.

If SJWs had squawked over Dr Jordan Peterson on that YouTube video, he probably wouldn’t have become the world famous iconoclastic political commentator he is today.

And if feminist groups hadn’t done their very best to ban the release of The Red Pill, it may never have become an award winning documentary, and a Best Seller on both the Google Play and YouTube stores.

In fact I myself, and this little glowing rectangle, would likely not be here either – but hey ho, here I am. Hi.

So just take my advice, and stop trying to control the narrative.

Stop telling us what to do, or what to like, or dislike, and respond with ideas, studies, research and words - not tantrums, threats of violence, false allegations and personal attacks.

It doesn’t work.

Images by - Hans Isaacson, Adam Wilson, Christopher Burns from Unsplash.


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