Where Is Everyone?

March 3, 2022

We’re not talking about minor things here; men are dying on the streets, men are dying at work, men are dying by suicide, poor health and addiction.

They are behind in education, in all age groups and at every level, they are living shorter lives in every country, on every continent.

They are excluded from refuge, excluded from sexual violence legislation, excluded from seeing their children, from protection, care and compassion.

Meanwhile, men are told the have it all.

Told they should be grateful; or called toxic, trash, dogs, snakes, poison and privileged.

But they are falling between the cracks, and nobody within our Government or our media, seems to care.

And you should not be learning these things from me, a glowing square in your hand, and I should not be writing about them.

These things should be on the front page of newspapers, as they are for women, on TV sets, in Government offices, around dining tables, and shouted from rooftops – and yet they aren’t?

Why not? Where is this patriarchy? Where is this political advantage I hear so much about?

Who is campaigning for our boys and our men?

Where is everyone?

[1] https://tinyurl.com/ywx4puh9
[2] https://tinyurl.com/2p8r3kmm
[3] https://tinyurl.com/2p8hhzcc

Images by national-cancer, marco-oriolesi, thisisengineering-raeng and jonas-jacobsson, from Unsplash


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