Where Are The Men?

September 9, 2021

27% of the British public identify as feminists. Why so few?

And don’t say it’s because the rest don’t care, because 81% of the people who responded to that same survey, said they believe that men and women should be equal in every single way.

So why the shortfall?

Why do only one in three people who believe in total equality of the sexes, actually call themselves a #feminist?

Is there something missing?

I think so.

Because remember, change isn’t limited to ‘the other side’, and everyone else. We can all be better.

So take a moment to listen and look inward, and try to open yourself up to the idea that maybe you have something to learn as well.

Because there’s a reason why I can talk about the *same things* as feminism does, whilst attracting a following that is almost 75% men.

There’s a reason why I can talk about sexual and domestic abuse, body dysmorphia, mental health, gender norms, sexism and violent crime, in a way where men actually feel heard, included, seen and respected.

So take a moment, and I’ll tell you what I know.

Source: YouGov Poll – https://tinyurl.com/426ppe69

Images – pawel-czerwinski of Unsplash
Illustration by Yoteyo from the Noun Project


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