What I Know (Now) – @thetinmen guide

June 6, 2021

Every day I do this: tapping away at a keyboard, whizzing through research, nudging images endlessly around InDesign… so what have I learnt in the process and how can it help you?

Here’s a few things I’ve picked up on the way, that I hope are useful to you guys as you embark on the creative journey to learn how words, shapes, colours, typefaces and ideas can resonate with readers.

And I’ve seen some WONDERFUL content appear over the last two years from so many of you. I love it and I love being part of it, so please keep it up.

Keep creating, keep improving, keep enjoying yourself and KEEP GOING.

Programmes used
Adobe Indesign (posts)
Adobe Premiere (film)
Adobe After Effects (animation)

The Noun Project – free and amazing illustrations (please give credit to the artists!)

Unsplash - free and amazing photography (give credit here too!)

Illustrations by Friedemann A, Paul Verhulst and Anconcer Design.


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