What Do All Of These Things Have In Common?

January 12, 2021

The conversation needs to change and has been too dishonest for too long.

This is a call out to the lazy gender advocacy accounts and blogs out there. To those who do a screenshot of a sassy Tweet, or just write the word ‘this’, or ‘facts’ in the description and that’s it.

To those who cite spurious data, or none at all. To those too afraid to answer those who challenge them, who call themselves ‘strong’, but hide in the shadows.

To those who intentionally or otherwise, misquote, misread or misinterpret information for their own political goals.

To those who straw man arguments and move goalposts, who are more interested in being popular than being right, and who look to increase their following, rather than their knowledge

To the cult of outrage and entitlement, who burn bridges, not build them and whose intentions are hate, not truth.

This is for you.

(And yes it happens everywhere, on all sides and far too much.)

Raise the bar and do better.

#egalitarian #egalitarianism #feminism #feminist #menaregood #mensrights #equality #sexism #toxicmasculinty #positivemasculinity #gender


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