We Don’t Need Tears

December 31, 2021

The sentiment behind #mencancry is well intended, but it is no solution.

A crying father won’t get his child back from a corrupt family court, a crying homeless man won’t shelter him from the cold, and crying boys in school won’t close the attainment gap.

Tears won’t build refuges.

Tears won’t address men’s deteriorating health.

They won’t stop men being assaulted in the streets, or barred from all major refuges.

Tears won’t write male survivors back into sexual and domestic violence legislation, or reform workplace safety regulations, and they won’t end societies sneering deriding of men.

We don’t ask any other group to go cry about their problems.

We create initiatives, start committees, provide provision, launch conferences and spend billions in tax payer money and private charity to *solve* them.

Is telling men to cry a way of dismissing mens issues?

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Images by – David Caine and Ha Nguy from Unsplash


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