May 15, 2021

Most men are starved of positive attention - whilst women often drown in it.

Men, slip quietly through society, invisible to the world, whilst the spotlight of unwanted attention often burns down on women’s shoulders.

Many men will spend their life undesired. Whilst a lot of women can be so desired they become seen as possessions.

Many men are desexualised.
And talk of their attractive qualities awkwardly avoided.

Yet, women are endlessly and unwantedly sexualised. Heckled with ‘kind words’ from car windows.

Men - well, they get so few compliments they’ll never forget them.

Women - can get so many, they wish they could.

And I’m sure, a lot of women, a lot of days, would prefer to disappear.

Whilst a lot of men are just crying out to be seen.

No we are not the same.
And we are not living the same reality.

One of us wants to be validated. And the other can’t help be feel, violated.

So might this help explain the unending, unacceptable and inexcusable sending of dick pics?


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