Under The Table

November 29, 2021

Patriarchy. The socio-economic theory that advantages all men, based on the privileges of a tiny minority.

Yes. The CEOs, the billionaires, the politicians and leaders of the business world, are all mostly men.

But so too are the majority of the homeless, those who die on the street, or at work, people who overdose or are addicted to alcohol, as well as the incarcerated and those who die by suicide.

Men are disproportionately at the very top *and* very bottom of Western society.

And I tell you what, there are far more male homeless on the streets of Westminster, than male politicians cooped up inside of it.

But these men at the bottom are often ignored by advocacy.

Trodden on, as we crane our necks ever upward, to shout and yell and shake our fists at those men at the very summit.

And yes, whilst it is true that the laws are mostly written by men and the levers of power are in male hands, that doesn’t mean this power, or these laws are written *for* men.

Because they aren’t – there is very little political will, gendered interventions or targeted strategies to address these issues; no legislation to help, or provision dedicated to support men.

They are, very much left out in the cold.

So can we widen our perspectives of the male experience?

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Images by Jon Tyson, Dimi Katsavaris, Hansjorg Keller, of Unsplash.
Illustrations by Charlie Tristan, Henry Ryder, Noura Mbarki and Sandro Berger of The Noun Project.


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