Turning Point

May 13, 2021

Progress is being made in the way the United Kingdom views domestic violence.

No longer will it be seen as a ‘gendered issue’, but as societal problem that anybody can be affected by.

Currently there is little to no help or funding for abused men – despite almost one in four domestic homicides and one in three abuse survivors being male.

So it’s no surprise that male survivors of abuse are sleeping in cars or in tents across the country, and often falling into homelessness.

So this change in strategy is desperately needed, and will be taken as the first step to finally getting help to all those who need it.

But sadly, not everyone is happy about this shift.

The dinosaurs of the domestic violence industry are trying to stop change, standing in the way of progress, and denying survivors support for the very thing they claim to care about.

Men in tents https://tinyurl.com/42x4b34w
[1] Domestic Abuse & Homicide https://tinyurl.com/jbec5tde
[2] 1% of refuge space https://tinyurl.com/fnck7x9k

Illustration by Milinda Courey


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