Truth Is Not Measured In Mass Appeal

January 27, 2021

Our goal is not to build the biggest following or get the most amount of likes. It is to fill as many of the gaps left behind in the gender debate, with as much reliable information as possible.

This is not a popularity content. Which is good because you don’t get any prizes for advocating for men and boys, there is no trophy or rosette for us, no events to speak at, committees to present to, or awards with our name on it.

Our prize is simply to destigmatise men’s rights and push back against hate and ignorance with love, compassion and knowledge.

We do this because when the world hears of men’s issues it laughs, it snears, it refuses to listen or it explodes with hostility. And this is not acceptable.

However, things are changing and you are all part of it - but we wonder, when they change for good?

#misandry #sexism #mascunlintyisgood #feminism #feminist #egalitarian #egalitarianism #menaregood #mra #mensrights


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