The Train Rolls On

August 14, 2021

I won’t deny it, I read the words coming from the gender debate, and I wonder how much of it might be misguided.

Too often it is one of pay gaps and power suits.

One of women in work, winning the bread, running the race of nine to five - the plight of long hours:

’50% of people working jobs they hate must be women!’ We all cheer.

How many are striving to be as unfulfilled and disenfranchised as many men are?

How many trying to join the race that nobody wins?

How many are trading a winning ticket for a life of work?

Now we all have a place at the table; we all roll the dice, spin the wheel and place our chips, enamoured by a definition of equality that’s too often based on a lie.

The casino of broken promises has plenty of seats. And it offers so much, yet leaves so many empty handed.

Is this what you want?

Image - Derek Story from Unsplash


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