Title IX – Sexism In American Education

April 26, 2022

Title IX is a Civil Right in America that makes it illegal to discriminate in education on the basis of sex.

50 years old this year and originally intended to help women and girls, Title IX has now being used in the opposite way – to address the huge educational attainment gap that hurts American men and boys.

Today – girls are advantaged in Western education, and have enjoyed higher enrolment rates than boys for decades.

And yet, the vast majority of gendered scholarships and higher education awards in America, continue to be earmarked for women.

Yes. Scholarships being given to those most privileged; this violation of Title IX has passed under the radar for so many, avoided in conversation and once again, ignored our media.

But not Professor Mark Perry.

Who has now filed over 400 complaints to the Department of Education, who have themselves begun taking action against universities.

So what do you think?

Is Professor Perry the ultimate Karen (or male equivalent), or is he a hero of male advocacy, doing the dirty work so many avoid?

What do you think?

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Images by Colin Lloyd, Tyler Callahan, Joshua Hoehne, Kelly Sikkema.


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