“This Isn’t About You”

March 25, 2021

‘This isn’t about you!’
Yes we know. It never is.

The conversation of violence,
is a conversation of violence against women.

The conversation about sexual assault,
is a conversation about #metoo.

And the conversation of workplace discrimination,
is one for female employees only.

We know it’s not about us, as societies’ compassion only seems to look straight through men

The conversation of rape culture,
it pointed to university campuses, not prison cells.

The revolution against police brutality,
well it never fought for the 96% of victims who were men.

The discussion of parenthood, it stopped caring when asked to help fathers win back theirs rights.

The rewriting of domestic violence law - which is being debated in parliament right now - did not consult with a single male survivor or male abuse charity.

And the ongoing campaign against street assault,
well it literally screamed in the face of the people most likely to experience it.

So don’t tell us ‘this isn’t about you’, because we know.
That’s. The. Point.

It never is.



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