This Is Not A Patriarchy

December 29, 2021

Enough. No, the UK is not a patriarchy.

A country whose gendered laws are written exclusively for women and not men, is not patriarchal.

A country that ignores the way that men and boys are hurt by institutional sexism, is not patriarchal.

A country whose political strategies and interventions around violent crime, sexual violence and domestic abuse, exclusively support women and erase men, is not a patriarchy.

A country that strips rights from fathers and gives them to mothers is not a patriarchy.

A society that sits idly by and watches it boys descend further and further in educational attainment, and does nothing to help, is not a patriarchy.

A country whose political leaders openly advocate for women, yet are too afraid to do the same for men, is not a patriarchy

And a country that only cares about women’s health, and appoints more and more policy makers to represent it, without similar positions for men – is not a patriarchy either.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with ignorant people, what they choose to do in the privacy of their own home, is of no business to me.

But I do have a problem when people’s igorance and insistence of paranoid fairy-tale politics is used to influence, lobby and dictate highly gendered political reform, to the detriment of men and boys.

The UK is not a society that wholesale advantages men over women.

And those who claim it does are guilty not only of this ignorance, but of perpetrating a false narrative that is actively harming men and boys.

Is it you?


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Images by Nasa Image Library, and Anirudh from Unsplash


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