They That Sow In Tears Shall Reap In Joy

May 20, 2021

Looking back at history, there are countless stories about the noble act of manly crying.

Whether it be the shining knights of Europe, publicly weeping when they missed a tournament, or the legendary samurai of ancient Japan, bawling their eyes out when they lost a commander-in-chief… crying was only ever seen as a sign of bravery, nobility and strength.

There are even stories of whole armies breaking down in tears when a popular celebrity warrior died.

And guides written on gentlemanly behaviour discussing how such shows of emotion - as long as they weren’t faked - were a demonstration of a good and manly heart…

So if crying wasn’t just accepted, but applauded within men of history, what the hell happened between then and now?

And might the brutal industrialisation of the world, have something to do with it?



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