The Pay Gap

February 24, 2022

The US Womens National Team are back in the news – they’ve just won $24 million in compensation.

Why? I don’t know.

Probably because of the incessant media bullying, and political grandstanding that falsely accused US Soccer of sexism, and threatened to revoke their funding as a result.

Let’s be clear on the facts – the US Women’s Team were paid more than the men, both overall and per game.

They also explicitly rejected the same deal the men got, when it was offered to them in 2016.

And instead decided to negotiate for a different deal, substituting pay for employee benefits and guarantees, which they now consider as ‘sexist.’

This is exactly what the Judge found in 2020 when he threw out the case.

But that didn’t stop the media wringing its hands for the ever so popular issue of the ‘gender pay gap’.

Neither did it stop social media throwing up yet more hashtags, nor deter President Biden’s performative nonsense when he threatened to take the funding away from US Soccer altogether if they didn’t close the gap.

But how can you close a gap that doesn’t exist?

More money, that’s how – tens of millions more.

So what do you think?

Sources –

Watch more analysis on YouTube by Nate the Lawyer, here

Judge Ruling

Images by Timothy Tan, Josiah Day, Alex Azabache from Unsplash.



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