Everything. Everywhere. For Everyone. For All Of Time. – The Patriarchy

February 16, 2022

‘Men need to be held accountable’ - says the person who literally holds men accountable for everything bad, everywhere, for everyone, and for all of history.

It’s a lot to keep track of.

And for what it’s worth, I am very sorry that a bunch of men who I never met, don’t know, and who are long since dead, did many awful things, to people who are not you.

But the year is 2022 and we have far better and less divisive ways of viewing the world, new languages for having these conversations, and sharper lenses of understanding through which to see the nuance of human behaviour.

And we should use them.

So please put down the dusty and well worn book of patriarchy, and pick up the ones of neuroscience, psychology, economics and anthropology.

Choose science, reject hate, and embrace equality.

What do you think?

Images by Ben Kolde from Unsplash


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