The Missing Piece

January 3, 2022

I recently posted about how society’s vilification of men impacts homelessness, but does it also affect Black men in America?

There’s a reason why more than 99% of Black Americans killed by police are Black *men*, and it has been incredibly frustrating to see the media, advocates, protestors and the feminist movement, refuse to identify the full picture of those most at risk.

Because the American police are not threatened by Black women – but Black men.

And yet, BLM the organisation still have done nothing to support Black men specifically – despite providing targeted interventions for Black women.

So again the male sex is erased and the two Black women killed by police in 2020, are highlighted ahead of the 242 Black men.

And no, police brutality is not a feminist issue.

It is an intersectional issue that overwhelmingly impacts men, especially Black men, and those who insist otherwise are actually misleading the issue and distracting advocacy from the problem’s true shape.

Worse, the people who actively partake in the hysterical vilification of men, I believe are directly *contributing* to the very issue they claim to advocate against.

It makes my head spin, and is the pinnacle of hypocrisy and stupidity.

So is police brutality an intersectional issue?


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Images by – Stephanie Valencia and Clay Banks from Unsplash.


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