The Long Peace

February 14, 2021

Note: on the first graph the line colours are the wrong way round - the redline indicates military and civilian deaths and blue indicates military deaths only. Sorry!

So much of our discourse around gender stems from an idea that we all live in a state of perpetual violence.. but.. well… this isn’t true…

Steven Pinker calls it ‘The Long Peace’, the most peaceful time in all of human history – and we’re living it right now.

So what’s causing The Long Peace?

Is it the rise of democracy in nation states? Maybe it’s the trade relations of commerce? Has the online world connected humanity for greater the good? Or perhaps it’s the increased role of women in society? Or maybe it’s down to a more rational, logical and diplomatic style of thinking when it comes to policy making?

What do you think?

Illustration by Gregor Cresnar and BomSymbols, TH


#peace #peaceandlove #war #egalitarian #feminism #goodnewsworld #positivevibes


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