The Hidden Gender 2

January 29, 2022

We’ve already explored how the male sex is simultaneously highlighted and erased in the areas of celebration (erased) and perpetration (highlighted).

But Gamma Bias also explores two more quadrants where we see the same phenomenon.

The male sex is often erased in the areas of victimhood, their suffering ignored or made invisible. Whereas women and girls are forefronted in headlines, online discussion, advocacy and political strategies in times of crisis or violence.

However when it comes to ‘privilege’ we see the opposite - the male sex is now highlighted, with blanket assertions of ‘male privilege’, whilst the advantages enjoyed by women and girls are erased instead.

So male privilege (like female victimhood) is forefronted, despite them making up the majority of homelessness, drug related deaths, suicides, military deaths, workplaces deaths, police killings, assault victims, murder victims, the incarcerated, alcohol abusers, children deprived of liberty,
as well as being behind in every area of education in almost every western nation, and living shorter lives in every country on planet earth.

#maleprivilege - Its a strange gendered label to give isn’t it?

But not when you understand the cognitive distortion that we all fall into – Gamma Bias.

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Sources: 👇
Shorter lives:
81% Murder victims:
70% of unsheltered homeless:
69% of overdoses:
78% of suicides:
92% of workplace deaths:
88% of homeless deaths
96% of police killings:
93% of the incarcerated:
75% of stranger violence victims:
63% longer prison sentences
17.5% of child custody winners
94% of detained children
98% of military deaths
Fathers rights
Later pensions /
Men excluded from sexual violence laws
Boys behind in education
Lesbian women more accepted than gay men


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