The Gendercide Of Men

January 28, 2022

Content warning: extreme violence / genocide

To say men or boys have never been killed because of their gender is an affront to the hundreds of thousands who have lost their lives for that very reason.

It is an insult, and bigotry at the very highest level.

It further erases the memory of those lost, the suffering of their loved ones, and allows history to repeat.

So to those who say ‘misogyny kills, misandry irritates’, go see the Srenbrenica Genocide memorial, or walk amongst broken families of the Anfal Campaign.

Why not go visit Axum in Ethiopia, or Kashmir today – as it’s still happening.

Gendered violence against men is at the heart of some of the most tragic genocides of the last fifty years, and just because we don’t hear about them, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

So is it time we talked about how, where and why men and boys are so often systematically killed?

Anfal Genocide




Boko Haram

Charlie Hebdo


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