The Distribution Of Assholery [Separating From Good To Bad]

June 15, 2021

Growing this account, I interact, talk to, and learn from a bunch of different people, across a wide spectrum of groups - every single day.

For the most part, it’s a real pleasure and a privilege. You are all wonderful.

And I honestly don’t care which group you belong to, whatever type, colour, culture, class, sexuality, gender or political leaning that is… you’re all individuals to me.

It’s the #classicalliberal philosophy of individualism I try to live by.

Yet today, so few others do.

Groups, labels and ‘us vs them’ othering is easy, safe and seductive, and hive minds a tempting distortion to fall into.

But your group doesn’t change who *you* are… and wonderfully good and intolerably bad people exist on all sides, even in the most virtuous groups of all.

So why can’t we hold all assholes equally accountable?


Illustrations by Alex Tai and Friedemann A from the Noun Project


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