The Discussion Of Violence

October 5, 2021

Make your own space! Start you own conversation! We care about men, but now is not the time.

I’m told that often. Even after creating the very space they talk about.

‘It’s not about you’, ‘not right now’, ‘not here’, ‘it’s not the time’ – and guess what, it never will be.

Listen. If you only care about one group who are affected, then you don’t care about the issue at all, and you’ll never be able solve it.

And if you care more about assigning blame, or pointing fingers, then you do about recognising the full picture of victimhood, then I think you’ve just answered the question of why men opt out of the discussion.

No I’m not ‘hijacking the conversation’ either, I’m trying to get men back into the plane from which they’ve already been ejected.


Illustration SANB, the Noun Project.


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