The Balancing Act Of Equality

December 5, 2021

We don’t reach equality by endlessly swinging the pendulum in opposing directions.

We don’t ignore men’s unemployment, in an increasingly automated America, because women were excluded from work a hundred years ago.

We don’t close our eyes to the unaddressed issues of male health, because we were blind to women’s for so long.

And we don’t allow our educational system to fail our boys, because it failed our girls first.

Because one story of failure, isn’t undone by an epically bad sequel.

“Sorry lads, we fucked things up for the girls a few hundred years ago, so now its your turn…”

‘Positive-bias’, or ‘reverse-sexism’, or ‘discrimination of the right kind’… whatever you want to rename it, there is no honest way to advocate for a new sexism, as a means of counterbalancing an old one.

For not only is it morally wrong, and causes yet more division, but it also makes the centre point of parity so much harder to locate.

Because the way to get the pendulum to the middle, isn’t to swing it in the other direction – but to stop swinging the pendulum.

What do you think?

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Images by quaritsch-photography, ricardo-gomez-angel, nathan-dumlao, philippe-bout


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