The Afghan Man

September 19, 2021

It’s been just over a month since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and all seems silent in the social media universe.

The torches are no longer flaming. The pitchforks and placards are neatly stacked away.

Not a sound can be heard, nor light can be seen for many miles around.

A world of compassion, whether real of not, is worn out, a land of tears, elephant or otherwise, are finally run dry.

And so the cult of outrage sleeps peacefully.

Their podgy eyes jammed shut, their snarling teeth are now snoozing, their phones clutched in wrought iron grips.

So… if we speak softly, and tread lightly, it may finally be safe to talk about our Afgan men.

Because just like Afghan women and children, Afghan men also endured decades of relentless wars, oppressive regimes, and indiscriminate drone attacks.

And yet compassion, as it always does, remains elusive to them.

Spare a thought for the boys of Afghanistan
New York Times article
Al Jazeera article


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