Systematic Bias Against Boys

October 2, 2021

We don’t really apply the word ‘systemic’ to the sexism experienced by our boys.

No. We water their experiences down to not being able to cry, or having an inability to talk, or not being able to wear a dress.

But inconveniently for some, when it comes to the way we graded boys and girls in school during the COVID 19 lockdown, there are few better words to describe what happened.

Even the boys with tears in their eyes, or who talked openly about their emotions, and those who looked fabulous in dresses were disadvantaged by the new system.

Because with COVID meant there were no exams, and without exams we get assessment, and with assessment we get bias.

You know it already, but more proof, if it were even needed, is here – systemic bias, against boys.

And this time they’re not my words, but the words of someone who is far more experienced and more knowledgeable than me, or you, or likely anyone else in the country.

Yup, it’s my hero, Mary Curnock Cook. 🙌

Read her full review here –

Image by Joanna Kosinksa from Unsplash


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